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Pulsed electric fields

Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF) enables gentle cell opening of plant cells in fruits and vegetables and of microbial cells that can inactivate bacteria at lower temperatures than traditional pasteurisation, and which improves quality.

How does Pulsed electric fields affect different food products?

Goal Egg
Has effect
Applies to milk
Food safety
More results
Chicken, pork and sausages
Loss of liquid
Has effect
Applies to chicken and combination with heat
Nutritional values Has less effect
Digestibility Has effect
Has less effect
Applies to chicken

How it works: PEF for food processing

Worth knowing

PEF in food production

What can it be used for, and what equipment is needed?

Food safety and packaging

How can PEF increase shelf life, and what packaging materials should be used?

Sustainability and marketing

How sustainable is this technology, and what information works best?


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